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LA Fast Alarm Response Security
  • 24-hour alarm response & dispatch services
  • Avoid fees associated with false alarms visits by police
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In Los Angeles, if the police department responds to a false alarm, i.e. they are called to respond to an alarm, but don't find any evidence of criminal activity, then you will likely be charged with a hefty fine. This fine increases with each subsequent "false alarm" visit. However, having a private security company to respond and verify your alarms will help you avoid unnecessary visits by the police and the associated fines. More importantly, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that a security guard is on-call to assist you if your alarm is triggered.

Guardian National Security offers comprehensive, expert alarm response services to businesses and residences throughout Greater Los Angeles. We are fully equipped and licensed to monitor and respond to alarms 24 hours a day with our team of highly trained and dependable dispatchers and security officers, who are trained in power to arrest, patrols, observe and report, CPR/first aid, communications, emergency situations, and fire watch, as well as alarm response. Additionally, we have guards who are permitted to carry firearms, batons, and pepper spray. They will respond to your alarm in a marked patrol car within minutes, ready to investigate any suspicious activity. If they are able to verify that an incident is in progress or has occurred, they will notify dispatch to call the Police or Fire Department. Immediately following every alarm, we'll issue a detailed incident report that includes all of our observations, time logs, and records from our Detex electronic tracking system.

Our alarm response services are ideal for shopping centers, retail stores, retirement communities, construction sites, parking structures, multi-day events, office buildings, condominiums, movie production sets, and homes. We also rent and install wireless security equipment, such as motion detection sensors and camera systems, to remotely monitor your property at surprisingly affordable prices. Call to speak with one of our security specialists today; consultations are always free.


Your patrol response time is amazing. It feels great knowing you are there when I need you.

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