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Foot, Bike & Golf Cart Patrols

Foot Patrol Chasing Guards
  • Fully licensed by California's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Uniformed mobile guard patrols on foot, bike or golf cart
  • Effective security for all types of properties -- any size, any terrain
  • Customized security plans
  • Will match or beat any competitor's price

Guardian National Security provides affordable foot, bike and golf cart patrol services for improved security on commercial and residential properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Many of our clients prefer our foot, bike and golf cart security patrols for their ability to patrol a large area quickly. Compared to our vehicle patrols, these other patrol methods allow for easier navigation around obstacles, through smaller openings, and over varied terrain. Plus, they effectively discourage criminal activity, while giving our guards an approachable appearance.

While on foot, riding a bike, or driving a golf cart, our guards are always connected to our dispatcher through cell phones, pagers, and two-way radios. Guard patrol tours and responsibilities are determined by our professional on-site consultations, which are conducted by one of our patrol specialists. They use this assessment to determine the security needs of the site and the client before making any recommendations. At the client's request, our guard patrols can include other various duties, such as: lock-up and alarm, issuance of ticket citations, enforcement of private property rules and regulations, and after hours escorts.

All of our security patrols are monitored by state-of-the-art technological systems that allow for complete accountability and documentation. Wherever we have a guard stationed we install a wireless time clock that requires them to check-in every 30-minutes. This ensures the guard's presence throughout their assigned shift. For mobile guard patrols, we also use a Detex system that requires our guards to check-in at designated areas to verify that their patrols are taking place. This system also records a complete audit of the time and frequency of patrols.

Guardian National Security is fully licensed and bonded, and more than meets the state's requirements for workers' compensation, general liability insurance, and commercial auto liability coverage. Our professional and licensed officers are expertly trained in power to arrest, observe and report, terrorism and WMD awareness, fire watch, communications, patrol, CPR/first aid, and more; after they have completed an exhaustive screening and interviewing process. Call us today for a free consultation and price estimate; we will customize our mobile patrol services to meet your needs and budget.

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Your patrol response time is amazing. It feels great knowing you are there when I need you.

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