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Standing Security Guard Services & Vehicle Patrol in Thousand Oaks, Malibu & Camarillo, CA

Welcome to Guardian National Security, the best choice for private security, surveillance, and vehicle patrol services Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo, CA. We offer fully licensed, professional security guards that are trained to offer highly effective security for a wide range of sites, including but not limited to hospitals, gated neighborhoods, warehouses, industrial facilities, retailers, hotels, motels, schools, special or private events, corporate offices, restaurants, bars, construction sites, and residential areas. Our private security services are available 24 hours a day and at any location in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area. You can expect us to customize our services to your specific needs, fully brief our team on your assignment, and have your assigned security guard arrive in uniform, on time and ready to work. To confirm that our guards are making the necessary rounds, we use Detex GPS equipment, enforce detailed reporting procedures, and perform random on-site visits by our management team. With Guardian National Security, you can rest assured that our services will improve security and reduce unwanted activity (such as trespassing, loitering, graffiti, vandalism, crime, etc.) at your site in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, or Camarillo.

Guardian National Security is a licensed private patrol operator that serves clients in Thousand Oaks and surrounding cities. We are fully insured and bonded, and exceed California's requirements for worker's compensation, commercial auto liability, and general liability. We can even increase our limits as required by any of our Thousand Oaks clients. Our guards are all licensed by the BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) in California. As members of the Better Business Bureau and the California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associations (CALSAGA), Guardian National Security is committed to providing our clients with excellent service. This includes always being honest, transparent, reliable, and responsive. It also means that we offer our high-quality private security services at a fair price and always honor our promises.

Call us today for a free quote on any of the following services:

Vehicle Patrol in Thousand Oaks, Malibu & Palma, CA

For cost-effective crime prevention and security in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo, consider Guardian National Security's vehicle patrol services. Our well-marked vehicles and uniformed security guards give your site a visible security presence that helps foster a general sense of safety and security. It also makes it easier for our guards to survey large areas, such as school campuses, parking lots, construction sites, gated neighborhoods and more. Guard vehicle patrol tours and responsibilities are determined by having a professional on-site consultation with someone on our management team. Our management team has over 60 years of collective experience and invaluable security expertise. Call now for a free quotes--we will match or beat any competitor's price!

Standing Security Guards in Thousand Oaks, CA

Having a highly visible standing guard at your Thousand Oaks site can help deter undesirable behaviour such as trespassing, graffiti, vandalism, theft, loitering, etc. With Guardian National Security, you'll get a highly trained and trustworthy security guard who is BSIS certified and qualified to stand guard at your property in Thousand Oaks. To become a part of the Guardian National Security team, our guards had to clear a very rigorous background check that included drug testing, personal reference checks, verification of previous employment, a credit check, motor vehicle report, criminal and civil court history, and more. Then, they had to pass a rigorous training process that included mandatory topics such as power to arrest, terrorism awareness, and weapons of mass destruction, observation and documentation, PR, and communication as well as a wide range of supplemental topics, such as post orders and assignments, evacuation procedures, search and seizures, security supervision, and more. Call today to tell us about your standing guard needs in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo. We feature 24-hour local dispatch service.

Alarm Response in Thousand Oaks, Malibu & Camarillo, CA

In general, it is a good idea to invest in having an experienced private security company such as Guardian National Security provide alarm monitoring and response services if you have an active alarm system on your property in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, or Camarillo. Otherwise, you'll have to have local law enforcement respond to your alarms, which can lead to significant fees if the alarms turn out to be false. At Guardian National Security, we can provide dependable alarm response services at an affordable rate. With our alarm response services, you can rest assured that we will monitor your site 24 hours a day and send a trained and licensed security guard if your alarm is triggered. Our guards will arrive quickly, assess the circumstances, provide on-site assistance or contact the Police or Fire Department if needed, and complete thorough incident reports. Call today to learn more.

Event Security in Thousand Oaks, CA

Guardian National Security has an impeccable record for providing our Thousand Oaks clients with exceptional event security. This service is provided by highly experienced and fully licensed security guards who have been trained by retired police officers on all aspects of event security. Our event security service can include:

No matter what your event security needs are in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo, you can trust the security experts at Guardian National Security. Our management team has more than 60 years of collected experience, and they know how to customize your event security service so that it is cost-efficient, effective and customized to your needs.

Foot, Bike & Golf Cart Patrol in Thousand Oaks, CA

Security patrol services that are provided on foot, bike or golf cart offer our Thousand Oaks clients a number of advantages. They are less intimidating than vehicle patrols, make patrolling large areas easy, and highly effective at discouraging unwanted activity. Our foot patrols, bike patrols and golf cart patrols are ideal for schools, universities, business parks, parking lots, construction sites, gated neighborhoods, malls, performance venues, industrial facilities, and public spaces. Depending upon your needs, your assigned guard can provide a wide array of services, including safety escort, ticketing, enforcement of rules and regulations, respond to and report on incidents, and more. However, in every case, our mobile patrol guards will arrive on time, in uniform, and fully briefed on their duties and responsibilities. Call today for a free quote.

Lock Up and Alarm in Thousand Oaks, Malibu & Camarillo, CA

Trust Guardian National Security to keep your Thousand Oaks property secure with our 24-hour lock up and alarm services, each packaged with vehicle patrol. This service begins with a customized security plan to identify your access points, understand your lock-up procedures, and define other guard duties. Once post orders are determined, our guards can be trusted to arrive at your site on time, thoroughly inspect your site to ensure all personnel have left the building, inspect all access points, and carefully follow all lock-up procedures. They can also be counted on to unlock and open your building at the start of your business day. Our lock up and alarm service is currently used at offices, construction sites, retail stores, and other facilities throughout Southern California, setting business owners' minds at ease and helping to reduce the chance of theft, vandalism, trespassing and break-ins. Call today for a free quote.

Logistical Security Services in Thousand Oaks, Malibu & Camarillo, CA

Guardian National Security has the ability to expand its normal security services to include logistics for our clients in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo. Our logistical security service is fully customizable to meet our clients specific needs and can include any or all of the following:

This type of service is particularly helpful to our Thousand Oaks commercial clients in the transportation industry, but can be useful to any type of business that wishes to manage the risks associated with their supply chain and other logistics. We offer competitive quotes for all of our logistical security services in Thousand Oaks. Call today.

Fire Watch Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

Guardian National Security offers Thousand Oaks businesses dependable and affordable fire watch services to meet California Fire Code requirements. We have guards that are specifically trained in fire watch responsibilities. This includes patrolling all susceptible areas (those without a working fire alarm or sprinkler system) and watching for early warning signs of a fire or other related emergencies, such as hazardous material incidents. In the event of an emergency, your fire watch guard will be prepared to use a fire extinguisher, evacuate inhabitants, and connect with our 24/7 radio dispatch to have the fire department promptly notified. Call today to speak with one of our security professionals about your fire watch needs in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo.

Security Equipment Installation & Surveillance in Thousand Oaks, CA

For increased crime prevention, we offer packaged with guard wireless security equipment installation and surveillance at your site in Thousand Oaks, Malibu, and Camarillo. Security equipment options include a wide array of alarm systems, CCTV camera equipment, and motion detection sensors. Because our video cameras are IP based, we can view them remotely and notify you of or respond to any suspicious activity. Our video and alarm monitoring services are available 24 hours a day. Call today for a free quote. We will match or beat any competitor's price.

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We had a huge artificial turf installation job at a local university and because of some of the valuable materials and safety concerns we had to contract a security guard contractor.

Guardian National Security is extremely professional. Their security presence showed prestige and professionalism to our client. We are very fortunate to have found them "like a diamond in the rough" and because of this business our client Refered more business to us. Thanks guys

Turf I.,
Thousand Oaks, CA
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