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Guardian National Security is a licensed private security contractor (PPO #120268) that is in excellent standing with California’s Contractors State License Board. We are also a licensed C7 contractor which means that we are qualified to install low voltage security and surveillance systems such as wireless video cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, and CCTVs. We have an extensive list of satisfied customers throughout Southern California and have maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau over the years. Additionally, we meet (and in most cases exceed) California’s requirements for insurance. Furthermore, we will increase our limits upon a client’s request. Call us today to arrange a free private security consultation for your Riverside company.

Professional &

Security Guard Services


We specialize in developing security strategies that effectively reduce theft, vandalism, trespassing, employee pilferage, and other criminal activity in retail stores, malls, and shopping centers. »


Whether you need nightly lock-up and alarm services, parking lot patrol, or temporary fire watch services, we have the skills and expertise to provide a cost-effective security solution to meet your priorities. »


Our highly trained and licensed guards can be trusted to keep valuable machinery and equipment secure or to protect against vandalism, graffiti, trespassing, and other unwanted activity. »


Guardian National Security is thoroughly prepared to provide a wide range of transportation and logistical security duties for your trucking company, loading dock, or rail yard. »


We’re proud to provide unparalleled security guard services for homeowner associations, gated communities, apartment complexes, condominiums, and communities of all sizes.


Our Process

At Guardian National Security, we are committed to providing individually-tailored security plans to every customer at an affordable cost. In order to best serve the unique needs of our clients, we have developed an efficient multi-step process for designing, implementing, and monitoring custom security plans.

Free Consultation


We will thoroughly discuss your security needs and concerns in order to understand your property.

Proposal & Quotes


We guarantee to match or beat any competitor’s quote for the same services.

On-Site Follow Up


One of our security advisors will complete a thorough on-site walk-through at your location.

Customized Security & Patrol Plans


We will delineate patrol routes, schedules & post orders based on your specific needs.

Guards to Arrive On-Time, In Uniform & Ready to Work


You can expect your assigned guards to arrive on-time, in uniform, and ready to work.

Daily Activity Reports, Incident Reports & Parking Violation Warnings


We provide clients with daily activity reports, incident reports, and parking violation warnings.

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Guardian National Security

Trained, BSIS-Licensed Security Guards


Expertly-Trained, BSIS-Licensed Security Guards

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We Match or Beat Any Competitor’s Quote

Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley's Specialist in Private Security Guard Services

To truly understand what private security can accomplish for your Riverside business, you need to speak with the security experts at Guardian National Security. Our experts have over six decades of experience working in the security industry and are specialists in creating customized security strategies that take into account each client’s unique industry, location, assets, threats, and building/property layout. The completed security plan specifies all recommendations for staffing, patrol routes/guard placement, post duties, reporting, signage, and surveillance equipment.

Licensed, Trained & Experienced Security Guards

Our leadership team not only develops carefully crafted security plans for our commercial clients in Riverside, but also closely supervises our guard staff. Our guards are fully certified by the State of California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and trained in a broad range of security topics, including but by no means not limited to:

  • power to arrest
  • terrorism and WMD awareness
  • observation and documentation
  • vehicle patrol
  • communication and its significance
  • public relations
  • emergency situations
  • post orders and assignments
  • liability and legal aspects
  • criminal laws
  • preserving the incident scene
  • parking/traffic control
  • radio procedures
  • crowd control
  • arrests, search and seizures
  • evacuation procedures

Some guards also go on to earn CPR and first aid certification as well as a permit to carry and use a baton. While on assignment, our guards are closely monitored (both on- and off-site) to ensure that they are always implementing our security plans exactly as prescribed.

To start having a security plan developed for your needs in Riverside, call us today. Consultations and quotes are always complimentary.

Our Core Services

Unlock & Lockup/Alarm Service in Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley, CA – Packaged with Vehicle Patrol

Guardian National Security’s unlock and lockup service is available 24 hours a day, comes packaged with vehicle patrol, and is ideal for Riverside companies looking for a safe and secure way to open and close their building. For our clients who select this service, we first perform an onsite assessment to understand your opening and/or closing procedures, as well as any alarm systems, and determine all access points that would need to be checked and secured before we proceed with locking your site. Unlock and lockup services are always performed by trained and licensed security guards who can be depended upon to arrive on time and always perform all assigned post duties.

Standing Security Guard Services for Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley, CA

Our standing security guard services are ideal for Riverside companies that wish to discourage loitering, theft, vandalism, and other unwanted behaviors. This service is performed by BSIS licensed guards who have the experience, training and expertise to effectively reduce crime while elevating the customer’s perceived level of safety and security. Our guards always arrive on time and ready to work. They can adopt one of four guard appearances: standard, casual, professional, or construction. Throughout their assignment, our guards will be supported by our 24-hour local dispatch service and be readily reached by the client as well as our management team.

Foot, Bike, Golf Cart & Vehicle Patrols In and Near Riverside, CA

Mobile patrols are a cost-effective way to improve safety and security to large buildings or properties in Riverside. Because our uniformed mobile guards, whether they are on foot, bike, golf cart or vehicle, are so visible, they create a pronounced security presence that helps prevent a wide range of unwanted activity. To make mobile patrols as effective as possible, we will have a security specialist come to your Riverside site and determine the best patrol routes as well as the best method for completing them. We can even install wireless motion sensors (at no additional cost) to extend our ability to protect your personnel and assets. Call today for a free consultation and quote.

Logistical Security Services for Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley CA

Logistical security services have been designed specifically for trucking companies, maritime companies, delivery firms, rail yards, and other companies that manage supply chains in Riverside. This service involves assigning one of our highly skilled security guards to not only help with surveillance and security matters but also truck inspections, shipment inventory management, dock designations, timekeeping, OSHA audit fulfillment, and the logging of vehicle, material and equipment movement.

Event Security in Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley, CA: Crowd Management, Ticket Taking & More

At Guardian National Security, we offer cost-effective and reliable security services to events that occur throughout Riverside. Event security generally includes any of all of the following: traffic coordination, parking enforcement, crowd control, evacuation planning, access control, ticket taking, security escorts, bag searches, emergency response, fire watch, customer service, and patrols. This broad range of services makes our event security ideal for any red carpet event, black tie dinner, auction, concert, fundraiser, or large community gathering.

Fire Watch Services for Businesses, Events & Assemblies in Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley, CA

If your required fire alarm or sprinkler system is under maintenance or is malfunctioning, California Fire Code requires that your Riverside business will assign a person solely dedicated to performing fire watch duties while your business remains open and until your system is restored. To meet this requirement, you can select one of your employees and train them accordingly, or you can contact the fire watch experts at Guardian National Security. We have professional security guards who will patrol your vulnerable areas, keep detailed fire watch logs, watch for early signs of fire, and be prepared to respond if an emergency arises. Call us today to learn more or to make arrangements for fire watch services at your Riverside site.

24-Hour Security Alarm Monitoring & Response Available Throughout Riverside, Jurupa Valley, and Mead Valley, CA

Today, there are many companies claiming that say they will monitor and respond to your security alarms, but only Guardian National Security is able to provide this service with the level of responsiveness that you expect and deserve. At Guardian National Security, our alarm monitoring and responses services come packaged with vehicle patrol, meaning we will monitor your alarm system 24 hours a day and dispatch a licensed and highly trained guard to your site in Riverside to promptly and thoroughly investigate any triggered alarms. If it we determine it to be a false alarm, we will ensure that your premises are safe and secure before departing. If we verify that your alarm requires further attention, we will immediately contact the police, fire department or other appropriate authority. Call today to tell us about your alarm monitoring and response needs in Riverside. We will not only provide superior services but also match or beat any competitor’s price.

Wireless Security Equipment Rentals and Installation in Riverside, CA – Packaged with Guard

In addition to monitoring and responding to alarms, Guardian National Security is also qualified to install them. We rent and install a variety of low voltage security systems such as motion sensors, video cameras, and security alarms. Because we are a licensed C7 contractor and an experienced security firm, we will not only properly install your surveillance equipment but also determine the best placement for your equipment. We offer both short- and long-term rentals, and have the ability to remotely monitor your security equipment. Call now to learn more about our packaged with guard wireless security equipment installations and rentals in Riverside.

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Guardian National Security is committed to providing reliable, quality protection services to a variety of industries through custom-designed security strategies, expertly trained security guards, and excellent customer service.

Guardian National Security Services gave me so much peace of mind. They were able to secure my office building efficiently and professionally.

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Private Security Services for Businesses in Riverside

The security experts at Guardian National Security know that every Riverside business needs to have a security plan that is specifically designed to meet their needs. This means creating a security plan that not only addresses the company’s risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, but also the unique security concerns that are common among those in their industry.

By working with Guardian National Security, you’ll meet with security specialists who have become experts in:

  • Construction Site Guard Service
  • HOA, Condominium & Apartment Guard Service
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facility Guard Service
  • Parking Lot Guard Service
  • Private Event Security
  • Lobby/Reception Guards
  • Office/Executive Security
  • TV/Film Guard Service
  • Logistics/Transportation Facilities Guard Service
  • Hotel/Motel Guard Service
  • Warehouse & Storage Facility Guard Service
  • Restaurant and Bar Guard Service
  • School & University Guard Service
  • Shopping Center/Mall Guard Service
  • Hospital & Nursing Home Guard Service

If your company is looking to reduce criminal activity, improve safety, and protect its property and assets, call Guardian National Security today. We’ll develop effective yet cost-efficient security strategies to best serve your needs in Riverside.

Custom-Made, Personalized Security Plan

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