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Having provided security guard services to events, residences, and businesses in Bel Air, Westwood, Beverly Crest and surrounding areas for years, we understand how important it is to be dependable, flexible and responsive. That's why we've made it our mission to be defined by these qualities.

Dependable - When you call Guardian National Security, you can be sure to always get a BSIS-licensed security guard, which means that all of our guards have passed FBI and DOJ security checks and completed extensive training in Power to Arrest and other security-related topics. Additionally, we require our guards to pass drug testing on a regular basis and continuously meet our high standards. Finally, our guards are supervised by our management team that has a combined 60 years of experience. They use customer feedback surveys, our GPS enabled app system and random on-site visits to ensure that every guard is meeting, if not, exceeding, client expectations.

Flexible - Our security services are always customized to each customer's needs. To help you get the best results for your security budget, we'll consider your location, industry, property layout, threats, and goals. We'll then design a strategy for how to provide you with effective protection. For some of our clients, we find that remote alarm monitoring and/or random security patrols are sufficient; while, in other cases, we determine that one or more guards must be on site at all times to properly guard a site. Once a plan is in place, we can always adapt it if circumstances change.

Responsive - Guardian National Security operates around the clock, and can provide guard services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When monitoring alarms, we are able to instantly dispatch a guard in the Westwood, Bel Air, Beverly Crest or other nearby area. When a guard is on site, you'll always be able to communicate with them via cell phone and/or two-way radio. Plus, our management team stays available 24/7 to address any questions, concerns or additional needs.

Call Guardian National Security today if you are looking for short-term, long-term or one-time security guard services. We serve all residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients throughout northern Los Angeles, including Bel Air, Beverly Glen, Beverly Crest, Westwood and surrounding communities.

Bel Air, California Private Security: Standing Guards, Patrols, Alarm Response & More

Whether you have a retail store, restaurant, gated community, filming location, or private estate in Bel Air, Guardian National Security's guard and patrol services can help. In addition to helping you and your patrons, tenants, and/or employees feel safer by discouraging criminal activity, our security services can also help you save money and time. That's because private security guards are instrumental in loss prevention efforts and frequently help deter crimes of opportunity, such as burglary and other types of theft. Private security guards can also be used to enforce community rules, streamline visitor reception, improve crowd control and more. In addition, our patrol services in Bel Air can be used to ensure faster response to emergencies and that detailed incident reports are kept on file. Call us today to learn more about our security guard and patrol services in Bel Air, Bel Air Estates, Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and surrounding areas.

Private Security Patrols & Guard Services for Beverly Crest, California

Dedicated to meeting the security needs of our commercial and residential customers throughout Beverly Crest, Guardian National Security offers a full range of private security guard and patrol services. Beverly Crest businesses often use our guard and/or patrol services to help with parking lot management, loss prevention, building lock-up, alarm monitoring, logistics, bag searches, customer relations and inventory control. Residential clients, HOAs, and property managers typically call us for dedicated gate guards and alarm monitoring/response. We provide street patrols to primarily discourage vandalism, theft and other crimes, limit visitor access, facilitate and track vendor access, provide escort services late at night, enforce private parking restrictions and more. Call today and we'll discuss your security guard needs in Beverly Crest during a free on-site consultation.

Security Guards for One-Time, Short-Term & Long-Term Assignments in Westwood, California

With countless points of interest, including a top-rated university, major theaters/playhouses, museums, corporate offices, restaurants and shops, Westwood receives a heavy amount of traffic. Plus, it is densely populated. From a security perspective, this makes the Westwood area particularly vulnerable to crime. Not surprisingly, a recent crime data report gave Westwood a higher crime rate than nearby Century City (75 crimes per 10,000 people vs 30 crimes per 10,000 people). To address this, we work with clients in Westwood to provide them with customized security plans at very affordable rates. Services can include standing security guards, security patrol, private event security services, parking lot management/attendant services, alarm monitoring and more. To learn more about our custom private security services in Westwood, give us a call today.

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