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Guardian National Security - Delivering High Quality Private Security Services at Affordable Prices to Lancaster, CA

Guardian National Security has the staff and experience to provide high quality, comprehensive private security services at affordable prices to businesses, communities, homes, construction sites, and events throughout Lancaster. Our professional services include:

Our security strategies are designed to meet your Lancaster site's specific goals and budget restraints, and used to develop post order duties. By creating thoughtful post order duties, we ensure that you get the most out of our guard services.

We are completely licensed, bonded and insured; abiding by the best practices and requirements set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Chamber of Commerce, and California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates (CALSAGA). Furthermore, our management team will closely monitor their quality of service using routine visits and the latest time clock and patrol tracking technology. Whether you are looking for mobile patrols, temporary event security, or long-term gate guard personnel for your Lancaster property, call us today. We will give you first-rate private security services at an unbelievable price.

24-Hour Security Services & Customized Strategies for Lancaster, CA Locations

Guardian National Security offers free consultations and quotes to prospective clients in Lancaster. Every consultation starts with learning about your unique security needs as well as vulnerabilities inherent to the type of property you want secured. We look at access points, consider past criminal activity, and opportunities for highly visible guard placement and effective patrol routes. We also adjust the security plan as necessary to accommodate any special requests while staying within your budget. Furthermore, if a competitor's rate is provided, we will match or beat it.

Guard responsibilities or post order duties are determined by thie security plan created just for you. We will train them accordingly and specify everything that is expected of them, including uniform attire and conduct. To verify our services, we supply daily activity reports, conduct random supervisory visits, and use electronic remote devices to track our guards' presence and patrol activity. We also encourage direct feedback from our clients.

Private Security Guards That Meet & Exceed BSIS Requirements

Our process for guard selection meets and exceeds the requirements set by the state of California's Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We train them in power to arrest, terrorism and WMD awareness, communications, public relations, post order duties, observe and report, patrols, and conflict de-escalation. We also have guards that are permitted to carry batons and/or pepper spray, and certified in CPR/first aid. Additionally, we provide ongoing training and testing (both in our offices and out in the field) to keep their skills sharp and knowledge current.

In order to join Guardian National Security's team, interested applicants need to complete a series of interviews with our management team; pass a drug test; clear an exhaustive background check; provide personal references; and complete all required training. Training is provided by retired police officers who reinforce the important role that our guards play in safeguarding people and property throughout Lancaster.

Guardian National Security provides customized security strategies and services to meet the needs of a number of industries across Lancaster.

Office Building Security, Lancaster, CA: Well-Trained Guards for Your Front Entrance or Lobby, Alarm Response Needs, Surveillance & Lock Up

Guardian National Security will provide the professional security guards you need to secure and protect your executive building in Lancaster. Our corporate security services include:

Our highly trained and licensed guards can be trusted to present a professional impression to your guests and employees. They know how to balance friendly public relations with serious enforcement of rules and regulations. For our business clients in Lancaster, we generally post guards at front lobby desks, gate entrances/exits, access points, or near designated locations that require added security or clearance.

Custom-Designed Security for Construction Sites in Lancaster

Guardian National Security is the best security company for safeguarding your construction site in Lancaster. Our high quality, customized security services will discourage trespassing, loitering, vandalism, and theft, as well as employee pilfering. Construction site guards can provide any or all of the following services:

Guards are posted at the most highly visible spots and instructed to routinely check access points or hidden areas when conducting a patrol tour in order to prevent your site from being an easy target. Not only do we cater to the specific needs of the construction industry, but we also offer the most competitive rates in Southern California.

Security & Logistical Services for Transportation Companies in Lancaster

By combining our high quality security measures with logistical services, we can offer the most effective security for transportation-related businesses in Lancaster. This elevated level of customer service allows us to stay extra vigilant; become familiar with activities and people that are out of the ordinary; and provide a more comprehensive benefit to our clients. Our logistical services include services like:

These services can be performed by standing guards whose post order duties can include surveillance, visitor access control, alarm response, patrols, and more.

Private Security Guards Dedicated to Meeting the Needs of Lancaster Retail Business Owners

Guardian National Security's standing guards and patrols are ideal for retail stores, malls, and parking lots in Lancaster. Our customized retail security plans generally focus on the following priorities:

Call us now for a free security consultation and estimate.

Hotel & Motel Private Security Services, Lancaster, California

We know that private security for a hotel or motel is intended to protect your patrons as much as your establishment. Our guards will create a safe and welcoming environment by enforcing your rules and regulations, and by handling all conflicts and emergencies with professionalism and respect. At Guardian National Security, we specialize in offering effective and affordable hospitality security services to the Lancaster area. Hotel/motel security services can include:

Lancaster Security for Parking Structures, Lots & Garages

Parking garages, lots, and structures can be a real challenge for many Lancaster businesses because they provide a tempting environment for all types of criminals. They are often hard to patrol due to their large size, and offer a number of targets that are perfect for theft. To combat this, Guardian National Security has developed specific security strategies to promote safety and heavily discourage criminal activity:

The highly visible presence of our guards is probably the biggest deterrent to theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity. At the same time, it encourages customer patronage because they feel safer and better serviced. Call today to learn more.

Private Security for Homeowner Associations, Retirement Centers, Condominiums & More in Lancaster

At Guardian National Security, we provide dependable security services for all types of homeowner associations/HOAs, gated neighborhoods, and other community associations in Lancaster. We can reliably discourage criminal activity, encourage compliance to your rules and regulations, and foster a sense of community. You can trust that we fulfill the responsibilities needed by your association. Typical HOA post order duties include:

Lancaster, CA Event Security with Guards Trained in Crowd Control, Patrols, Emergency Situations, & Crime Deterrence

In providing security for events in Lancaster, we spend the time necessary to fully understand your event, what needs to be protected, and your major liabilities. By being well-prepared, we are better able to adjust our security plan at a moment's notice to accommodate a last minute change of venue or drop/increase in attendance. Throughout your event, our guards will watch over your valuables and take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment for your attendees. Call today to learn more about our event-specific security services, such as:

Private Security to Secure Your Filming Location in Lancaster, CA

We provide affordable, high quality private security for television and movie filming that needs to take place "on location" in Lancaster. We know that planning a film, photo, or tv shoot outside of your set or lot requires a lot of planning and trusted security guards to manage possible crowds, control access, redirect traffic, and discourage unwanted behavior. Our management team has over 60 years of combined experience and will ensure that your film production set receives the level of security and professionalism it requires.

Promote Safety at Your Lancaster, CA Restaurant, Club or Bar

At most restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in Lancaster, having proper security is an absolute necessity. Door guards regulate access, and internal security guards promote a safe environment for your patrons. Call us today to learn how we can improve the safety and security of your establishment. One of our highly experienced security supervisors will put together a security plan for your place of business that perfectly addresses your priorities. Our guards can help with crowd control, tracking occupancy, issuing wristbands, emergency response, evacuation planning, lock up and alarm, and more.

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